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Oct 7, 2012 4:30am PDT
owner of new york city-based rosenwalk tanks. >> i will, thank. >> you look across new york skyline. from brooklyn to manhattan to the bronx, and you will find his family's handmade wooden tanks proudly perched on rooftop after rooftop after rooftop. >> he if these tanks look old-fashioned, that's because they are. even today these wooden structures are shaped by hand with half century old tools made by his father wab wallace. this is a family owned company nearly 150 years old. >> they are described as abandoned relics. actually they are used today in plenty, in new buildings. the city has the strict imfire codes in new york and the tanks service that requirement. . >> as outdated as they may seem, they are in fact anything but out of date. and for that matter, so is the company itself. >> we have a city of stone and masonry and glass and they really don't look like they belong. but it is a well-used product and probably new york's best secret. >> if you want to understand the secret of how the small family held business managed to outlast more than a dozen competitors for more tha
Oct 6, 2012 2:30am PDT
at pilates on fifth in new york city. a woman walked in and asked the receptionist, do you have yoga here? we have pilates and cardio-lates. the fact is they don't have yoga here and she didn't say that. the woman ended up signing up for a cardio-lates class. later that afternoon i asked the owners about this. they said, oh, yeah, that is completely by design. we tell our employees never say no. because if you can get around saying no, you can recruit a potential client. so "it's your business" tip number 109, never say no to a potential customer. >>> as we saw earlier, erica hall may be getting more help than she expected and a new decor she's worried she may regr regret. watch now as the your business team of experts gives her the tools she needs to take control of her business. >> it's morning in connecticut at abby's lantern hill inn and the owner, erica hall is showing mike the secret ingredients to her delicious french toast breakfast. >> your world famous french toast takes you about two minutes? >> yes. it's all in the ingredients. just using high quality ingredients, the french bague
Oct 21, 2012 4:30am PDT
york city when i'm at the street of x and y, can't find the cab. i type in my address and wham, i have a black car picking me up. i can trace how close they are or where they are. if i were this person, i would say how can i partner with them. i think that's the way to go. >> thank you so much for your advice. it's fun to talk about technology. we hope we do another show like this soon. if any of you have a question for our panel, go to our website. our address is there, just hit the ask the show link to submit a question for the panel. again, the website is or, if you would rather, e-mail us your questions and comments. the address is >>> a lot of you use e-mail for a marketing tool. do you wish you had a way of keeping them in spam or loading incorrectly in a customer's inbox? if so, check out this website. e-mail on gives you a preview of what it looks like. then you'll be given tips on how to improve the message to avoid spam filters and have e-mails displayed properly on every platform. to lea
Oct 28, 2012 4:30am PDT
. nowhere is the buy local movement greater than the progressive city of austin. as we first told you last year, it's there, that local farmers and suppliers are working with distributors to give residents the chance to stock up with items from their own proverbial backyard. >> here, piggy, wiggy, wiggy. >> it doesn't get more local than this. green gate farm, located on the outskirts of austin, texas, is run by aaron flynn and skip. they raise rare breed hogs in a wide range of organically grown vegetables. >> in farming, there's heavy up front costs -- a barn, a tractor, fencing -- it takes a long time before you're going to see a profit. >> green gate is a very small, very local business. it provides food for about 100 families a year and at the same time provides income to a fair number of other local businesses and suppliers. >> we're growing rare breed guinea hogs. they need organic feed. that supports the feed mill. we need fencing. that supports the supply stores. then there's a butcher. i need to hire who's going to start making fine sausages, who will sell it to a restaurant. >>
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)